Public Star Parties

Every month, hosted at the Griffith Observatory, LAAS members come from all over to show the public the wonders of the night.

Dark Sky Site

For members and guests only, this special once a month activity allows LAAS members escape from the LA lights to darker territory where the bigger LAAS scopes, such as the 16 inch Newtonian and the 31 inch Clyde-O-Scope, really strut their stuff.

Public Outreach Programs

The LAAS runs a large Outreach program where we come to you to show and teach your group about the night sky.

Mirror and Telescope Making

Extensive teaching and tools are available to help you build your very own telescope at the Garvey Ranch Observatory/Workshop.

Garvey Ranch Wednesdays

Every Wednesday the LAAS opens up the Garvey Ranch Observatory in Monterey Park to the public and to members to use the onsite telescopes such as the 8 inch D&G Refractor in the Dome.


This in depth library of Books and Magazines is available to members and, to a limited extent, the public, to read up on all sorts of items related to astronomy – from telescope making to supernovas, to the latest happenings in the universe of space.

Loaner Program

A long-standing and well run program where members check out telescopes of various designs to learn what they want in a telescope and at the same time, learn the night sky.

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