Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies

image001The Arp Atlas, by Jeff Kanipe and Dennis Webb, 8.5x11, 400 pages, $39.95 from Willman-BellREVIEW BY BILL PICKARD ON THE

ARP ATLAS OF PECULIAR GALAXIES, A Chronicle and Observer’s Guide

The Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, a Chronicle and Observer’s Guide is unlike any atlas you may have looked at before. Yes, it has charts (27 including the key), but it features a collection of unusual galaxies the likes of which most people have never seen. Most of us have seen M51, the Whirlpool Galaxy. And in fact, there are 10 other Messier objects in the Atlas. But M51 is only the tip of the iceberg, as it is a deformed galaxy with a companion on an arm. In the Atlas there are galaxies with “Counter-Tails, Rings, Jets, ‘Wind’ Effects, Plumes, Galaxy Chains, Single- and Multi- Armed Galaxies and other oddities”.

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