The Los Angeles Astronomical Society has a variety of periodic events.

General Meetings

The LAAS general meetings generally happen on the second Monday of each month in the Leonard Nimoy Event HorizonTheater at Griffith Observatory, except in January when there is no general meeting.  In January, the annual banquet takes the place of the general meeting.  The second Monday pattern is occasionally altered as required by scheduling issues with the Griffith Observatory.  Due to the fact that the Griffith Observatory is closed to the public on Mondays, attendance at the general meetings is restricted to LAAS members and their guests.

Public Star Parties

Public star parties are held on the lawn area outside the main entrance to the Griffith Observatory.  They are approximately once per month, generally on the weekend closest to the first quarter moon.  The general public is encouraged to come and participate.

Garvey Ranch Activities

Most Wednesday evenings the Garvey Ranch facility is open.  The 8" refractor in the dome on the roof is available for public viewing.  There are sometimes other telescopes set up on the lawn area.  LAAS members who are building telescopes will be busy in the workshop area.

Board Meetings

Board meetings happen on the Wednesday before the second Monday of each month, and are held at the Garvey Ranch facility.  Generally this will be the Wednesday immediately preceeding the general meeting, except in cases where the general meeting date was changed to accomodate scheduling constraints at Griffith Observatory.  The board meetings are open to LAAS members.

Dark Sky Nights

These take place at the Lockwood Valley observing site, always on the weekend nearest to the new moon.  The dark sky nights are open only to LAAS members and their guests.

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