The Steve Kufeld Astronomical Site (SKAS) which is situated ~ 60 miles north of Los Angeles, provides the LAAS members some escape from the city light. The site is equipped with two large reflecting telescopes: a 16 inch telescope (right) with equatorial mount and a 31 inch (Clyde-O-Scope, left) Newtonian on Alt-Alz mount.  Typical sky brightness on a dark sky night is approximately 21.2 magnitude/square arcsecond.

The monthly LAAS dark sky parties take place at this location.




Garvey Ranch Observatory hosts Telescope & Mirror Making as well as public observing every Wednesday night from 7:45pm to 10:00 pm. The observatory is also the home of an 8 inch refractor telescope and a library containing ~1,000 books and numerous magazines of various astronomy subjects.  Follow this link for a map to Garvey Ranch.







Griffith Observatory is where the LAAS meets for its monthly general meeting on the second Monday of the month and where the public star parties are held, generally on the Saturday nearest to the first quarter moon.  This link will take you to a map for reaching the observatory.

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