RTMC 2013

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away..."

image001Well actually it was today May 25th 2013 (the real Star Wars Day) in Big Bear's YMCA, Camp Oakes the Riverside Telescope Maker's Confetence (RTMC) took place and it was a cool gathering that hosted between 500-600 amateur astronomers in one place.
Only a few corporate astronomy shops showed up. OPT, Woodland Hills, Televue, and Ho Tech.



Although the conference last about 5 days, the main reason to attend has typically been Saturday since there is an astronomy swap meet with some of the best bargains to be had... I picked up Star Trek comunicators, Star Trek key chain noise makers, Star Trek patches, Star Trek mugs and all the Star Trek movies in vhs for $10 dollars.image003 

I also picked up a 9 watt white LED flashlight, 9 watt red LED light flashlight, and a hatchet for $25 dollars.

I picked up a 2 inch to 1.25 inch adapter for 15 bucks and OPT talked me out of buying a $250 dollar bino eyepiece adapter for PST solar scope and they gave me a free rubber eye piece adapter that should make it easier for children to look through my PST scope which was the reason I wanted the bino viewers to begin with.

Although the vendors and guests attendace was low; I like what RTMC has become. This event is now more intimate, I made lots of contacts and saw friends that I seldom see... the food quality has improved drastically,  although you had to pre order early in the day you can have a personalized pizza waiting for you at dinner time and an affordable delicious 16 oz prime rib dinner with mashed potatoes,  salad, vegetables, dinner roll and a soda for $15 bucks cannot be beat.

Hope to see you there next year, 
Geovanni Somoza
LAAS, Vice President
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