Information for New Members

This area of the web site has material specifically intended to inform new members about various resources and activities available to LAAS members.  Click one of the menu items below more information on a specific topic.

Meetings happen here every Wednesday night. It is the location of the LAAS library, our Telescope-making workshop, and an 8" refractor in a dome which members are encouraged to learn how to use. This is our official club hangout of sorts and a great place to meet other members.

LAAS uses the Night Sky Network to host the event calendar and to coordinate outreach and social events. All LAAS members are encouraged to register as members. There are excellent outreach resources, training videos, and free webinars to join monthly. This is a free service thanks to NASA and the Astronomical Society of the Pacific.

The LAAS volunteers play an essential role in inspiring and engaging the public to learn more about astronomy. We are always on the lookout for dynamic and friendly people who want to be a part of the LAAS team of volunteers. Every member in this club is a volunteer. You'll find your niche and make new friends at the same time.

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