Does the LAAS have a club house? Yes, we do!

On every Wednesday night, the LAAS members enjoy an evening of astronomy at the Garvey Ranch Observatory in Monterey Park, CA. The observatory is part of a historical building that also contains a small museum and a Community Center classroom. The observatory is located in the Garvey Ranch Park which is nestled in a safe and quiet residential neighborhood, overlooking the San Gabriel Valley.  This event is free and always open to the public. 

The LAAS has several programs and activities at Garvey Ranch Park. We have free Telescope-making classes in the workshop area. You can learn how to grind your own mirror and build your own scope. Free and seasonal astronomy classes are presented by our members who participate as instructors. We also have star parties on the lawn, weather permitting. And if you need help setting-up a new telescope, bring it along and ask one of our members for help. You can also go into the dome and observe the night sky using the 8 Inch refracting telescope.


Garvey Ranch Park
731 S. Orange Ave.

Monterey Park, CA. 91755

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