Signing up for our two LAAS Yahoo groups is the best way to get involved and learn about current and upcoming club activities and events.

The club members use the LAAS Yahoo group to share email about topics such as unique astronomical events, Outreach program planning and cancellations, star party weather conditions, questions and comments about astronomy equipment, carpooling, and social events. This is a friendly forum where you will connect with over 200 club members via email. Once you are a member of this group, you will receive email from the group in your regular email box as you do with any other email. You also have an option to receive only specific notices or visit the group directly on to review weekly messages shared in the group.

The LAAS-ANC Yahoo Group is different from the other group. The ANC, which stands for "announcements," is basically a vehicle the club utilizes to send out upcoming club event notifications or special message to all current club members. Only the Communications Coordinator or specific club officials will use this group to send out announcements. If you do not join this group, you might not be notified about an upcoming event or important details about an event such as last minute parking/traffic/weather conditions for a general meeting or public star party.  

Only current members of LAAS will be permitted to join either group. New LAAS members will be sent an invitation to join the LAAS-ANC group during the month in which they become members. Simply responding to the invitation to join is all that is necessary to join the group. Membership in the LAAS group entirely optional. Follow one of the links on the left to get to the web page with instructions on how to join either of the LAAS Yahoo groups.

You should have a Yahoo ID to use for joining either Yahoo group. Joining with an ID will provide you with full access to the group site. If you don’t already have a Yahoo ID, just go to and register. The registration process is simple. Note that the e-mail address you associate with the ID can be any already existing e-mail address. There is no need to create a e-mail address, though it is possible the sign up process will create one anyway.  You can disregard that one and replace it with an address of your choosing once the ID creation process is completed..

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