LAAS Volunteers

The LAAS volunteers play an essential role in inspiring and engaging the public to learn more about astronomy. We are always on the lookout for dynamic and friendly people who want to be a part of the LAAS team of volunteers. Knowledge of astronomy is not required to volunteer.

Every member in our club is a volunteer when they share their telescope with the public. Many of us do not have telescopes but want to find a way to fit in with the club as a new member. Volunteering gets you involved with other club members and it is the best way to meet new people and make friends in the club.

We invite you to explore our many volunteer opportunities and discover the best way to participate for you. Here are a few ways to volunteer for your club:

Public Volunteers:
Helping out at star parties and events - Greeting the public, keeping lines orderly while people wait to look through telescopes, passing out educational material, watching someone's equipment while they take a short break, keeping a list of club members who attend all star parties, talking with people at the LAAS info booths at any events and star parties, learning to use the toolkit props from the Night Sky Network at outreach events, and more.

Non-Public Volunteers:
Event planning, coming up with new ideas for the club, submitting articles or pictures for the club's web site, bringing food to events, food/table/chairs set up and removal, setting up/cleaning up at any event, working in the club library, cleaning up the Lockwood Dark Sky property, or even writing up articles like this for the web site. After your first year of membership, you can be elected to serve on the Board of Directors as a Board member, helping make important decisions for the future of your club. Each and every Board member is a volunteer.

If you would like to volunteer for club activities and events or discuss your options as a volunteer, please send a note with your phone number to the LAAS coordinator ()

If you are interested in volunteering for our Outreach Program, please contact Heven our outreach coordinator (). Our program always needs volunteers. You don't need a telescope to participate.

If you don't have a telescope, check out our Loaner Program where you can borrow a great telescope to use for free.

Join the best members in our club by volunteering today.