Loaner Telescope Program

Loaner Telescope Program

The loaner program provides excellent telescopes and the needed accessories to help our members view the night sky. With Spring, and the Messier Marathon upon us, now is the time to consider borrowing a telescope from the LAAS. The following instruments are in our inventory.

  •  LAAS-1: Celestron 4.5" f/8 reflector on a genuine Polaris equatorial mount.
  •  LAAS-2: Upgraded Tasco 4.5" f/8 reflector on an Edmund equatorial mount with an internal clock drive.
  •  LAAS-4: Telescopics 6" f/5 reflector on a Dobsonian mount.
  •  LAAS-6: Discovery Instruments 10" f/4.5 reflector on a Dobsonian mount. This is a large instrument especially good for deep sky observation. It is rather large.   Therefore anyone considering this instrument should have access to a small truck, van, or SUV.
  •  LAAS-7: Meade 80mm f/15 refractor on an Orion Sky-View Deluxe equatorial.
  •  LAAS-9: 80mm refractor on a Celestron heavy duty camera tripod. This is a good Rich Field Telescope.
  •  LAAS-10: Meade 70mm f/10 refractor on a light equatorial mount. This instrument is currently under development and will include 3 eyepieces and a star diagonal.

For more information call David Sovereign at (626) 794-0646.

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