Membership Benefits

Your adult, youth or family membership dues pay for a subscription to the Griffith Observer, the monthly magazine of Griffith Observatory, as well as access to the LAAS monthly bulletin. The Griffith Observer is optional for senior or senior family memberships, and is available for an additional fee. Membership gets you access to our own 2.5 acre dark-sky observing area, which has concrete observing pads, with electricity, and other amenities. Members can borrow telescopes through the LAAS telescope-loaner program, or borrow books from the LAAS library. Members can avail themselves of the optical and machine areas, and construct their own telescope from scratch. Discounted subscription rates to Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines are also available.

But perhaps the most important benefit of membership is that of joining the community of people who enjoy the same pursuit of astronomy. All members are encouraged to attend, and play an active role, in public star parties held regularly at Griffith Observatory, and the dark-sky observing as well. Beginners are especially encouraged to ask questions, and our advanced members are encouraged to answer them. The LAAS is a great place to learn, teach, and practice astronomy, at all levels of sophistication and expertise.

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