LAAS Yahoo Groups

The Los Angeles Astronomical Society maintains two general mailing lists, LAAS and LAAS-ANC, which are administered by the LAAS secretary who should be contacted with any questions.  Only current LAAS members will be permitted to join either group.  You can join either list by selecting one of the links to the left.  You will need a valid Yahoo ID to complete the join request.  If you do not have one, go through the account creation process first, then use that account to do the join request.

Current LAAS membership will be verified before the join request is approved.  All join requests from non members will be denied.  If you have applied for membership, but your membership has not yet been approved by the LAAS board, a join request will be disregarded until your membership has been approved.  All join requests must include sufficient information to verify your membership status.  You should provide your name, and/or use the e-mail address currently in the LAAS membership database.

The General List (LAAS)

This is a general mailing list intended for members to share experiences, to set up impromptu star parties, discussion of current astronomy events in the news, sell their telescopes (!), or whatever. This is the "chat" list. We anticipate that this may be a relatively high traffic list.  Membership on this list is optional.  If you wish to join, click the LAAS link in the Join The LAAS Yahoo Groups menu on the left.

Announcements List (LAAS-ANC)

This list is for official announcements of LAAS activities only. Only LAAS officers and the LAAS communications coordinator can send to the list. All new members will be sent an invitation to join this group.  Joining is highly recommended since this list is the primary vehicle for notifying the entire membership about upcoming events. This will be a low traffic list.

Star members list

This list is open only to current LAAS Star members.  This list is administered by one of the Star members.  Email the list owner with questions.

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