Comet Lovejoy 2014 Q2
Comet Lovejoy 2014 Q2

Image by Dave Nakamoto

Date :  Jan 24th 2015
Time :  6:59pm, 7:00pm, 7:07pm
Location :  Griffith Observatory, front lawn
Telescope :  Orion 10-inch aperture f/4.5 Newtonian
Mount :  Orion EQ-G computerized mount
Camera :  Orion G3 color camera, 752x582
Exposure :  10 secs.  Stack of two images, 6:59pm and 7:00pm.

The bluish color means this comet is primarily out-gassing, not a dust mop.  If there were significant dust production, there would be more yellow coloration around the comet.

David Pinsky told me that night that there IS a plasma tail, but you can only image it under completely dark skies and with long exposures.  Seems to be too much work for very little return to me.