Jupiter Shadow Transit
Jupiter Shadow Transit

Image by Dave Nakamoto

Date :  Jan 23rd 2015
Time :  10:35pm
Location :  Griffith Observatory, front lawn
Telescope :  Orion 10-inch aperture f/4.5 Newtonian
Mount :  Orion EQ-G computerized mount
Camera :  Philips model SPC900NC web camera, 640x480
Exposure :  1/10 sec.  80 frames from a 3 minute video were stacked using Registax.

In the original video all I could see was the two temperate bands and the shadow of Callisto.

From left to right across Jupiter's disk:

The black disk on the right edge is Europa's shadow.
Above it, the fuzzy light grey disk, is Callisto.
The large black disk just right of center is Callisto's shadow.
The black disk on Jupiter's right edge is Io's shadow.