Mt. Wilson 60 inch nights


The LAAS arranges for members and guests half night or all night observing sessions on the 60 Inch telescope several times a year. These nights are incredible opportunities to access World Class astronomical telescopes for personal use.

Only LAAS members are allowed to sign up. If there is still room two (2) weeks prior to the date, paying guests will be permitted. Everyone who shows up, whether family member, friend, or guest, will have to pay in order to be allowed in the 60-inch telescope observatory. The cost in 2016 is $90 per person for the full night (no half night reservations on a full-night outing) and $50 per person for the half night, which ends at 1 AM.  

We are allowed to accommodate only a limited number of participants at each session, and your reservations are being accepted on a first come, first serve, basis. To secure your reservation, please submit  your payment online by using the following link:

You may pay by check however, this will take longer and if your check is not received, you may not be able to attend the event  so please consider using the PayPal link and pay online. Make your checks payable to the "LAAS." Please add a note on your check to let our treasurer know you are paying for a Mt. Wilson Night. Adding the date of your reservation is also a good idea.

You may mail your check to the following address:

    The Los Angeles Astronomical Society
    c/o Griffith Observatory
    2800 E. Observatory Rd.
    Los Angeles, CA. 90027
    Attn: Treasurer

Any LAAS member who has not been to a 60-inch night at Mount Wilson should consider it as an opportunity to visit astronomy history. To see the location and equipment used by giants such as Shapley and Hubble will add to your appreciation of their contributions.

The scope will belong exclusively to LAAS for the duration of the observing session. We mutually agree upon which objects to view. Often, a member is the Telescope Operator, so it is a very comfortable environment. The viewing is without doubt,  the best you are likely to see in your lifetime.

If you need any further information about attending these nights on Mount Wilson, please contact the following individual ONLY! Darrell Dooley is our Mt. Wilson Coordinator and is the only person who keeps track of ALL reservations. He can also answer all of your questions and concerns.

Contact Darrell at

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