Aside from the public star parties, which of necessity take place in a highly urbanized environment, we also maintain an active calendar of dark-sky star parties for the more serious pursuits of the amateur astronomer. The LAAS is fortunate to own its own 2½ acre site in Ventura County's Lockwood Valley. The site was recently named the Steve Kufeld Astronomical Site in honor of the late Steve Kufeld, who played a major role in acquiring and improving the property. This site includes telescope pads with power, as well as a heated rest area for friends & family (and astronomers) who just don't handle the winter chill that well. It is also the home of the Gordon Mitchell Observatory and its 16 inch Newtonian, as well as our 31 inch Clyde-O-Scope Newtonian-Cass. The former is named in honor of past president Gordon Mitchell, and the latter in honor of Clyde Tombough, who donated the primary mirror.

The dark sky star parties at the Steve Kufeld Astronomical Site in Lockwood Valley are for members and their guests. Typically they happen on the Saturday night closest to the new moon.  Larger or special groups require the approval of the LAAS Board, and will be hosted by LAAS Star members on a night other than the normal dark sky night. The property is not open to the public. Only Star Members enjoy unescorted access to the property.

Arrivals to the site on dark sky nights after civil twilight are prohibited.  The time of civil twilight on any particular evening can be calculated by using the following site:

For those of you who want to see for your eyes the weather in the area, there are three webcams in Frazier Park that may interest you.

Please also check out our Public Star Parites.


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