Outreach Star Parties

The Los Angeles Astronomical Society's Outreach program is a critical element in the LAAS's goals to bring the joy of astronomy to the public at large. Outreach programs are generally provided to local schools and organizations. After an oureach event is scheduled, members of the LAAS will set up telescopes at a specific location and time to share the night sky and provide answers to general questions about our solar system and beyond. These gatherings are always appreciated by the participants and there are many letters of thanks on file.

If you are a local school or organization:

The Outreach program is provided free of charge by the LAAS. If your school or organization wishes to invite the LAAS members to participate in your Science Night or Astronomy Night, or STEM event,  please complete the Outreach Request form found by following this link: Los Angeles Astronomical Society: Request an Event - Night Sky Network.

Teachers and schools are especially encouraged to participate in this program. Click the "Outreach Star Party Planning" link on the left for detailed information about how to plan for a successful outreach star party. After completing the form on the Night Sky Network, visit "Outreach Resources" and discover the wealth of educational material available on the site provided by NASA.

Please try and find an area on the property that is flat, dry, and dark. A parking lot is usually a great place to set up telescopes so our members can set up their equipment easily near their cars. Please make sure that all sprinkler systems are shut down during the star party, should you wish our members to set up on a lawn or grassy area on your campus. Discuss your plans with all school administrators for their approval before contacting the LAAS.

If you are an LAAS member:

Members of the LAAS are always welcome to participate in all club outreach events. If you cannot bring a scope, please volunteer to help the other members who do bring scopes. Please contact the Outreach Coordinator, Heven Renteria at and let him know you are interested in this volunteer work. These events happen often and all over LA. If Heven knows where you live, he can contact you about programs that are in your area so that you don't have to drive far to get there. These events give you, the LAAS member, a great opportunity to interact with other members of the Society as well as an eager public, thirsting for knowledge of Astronomy.

We really would like to see some new faces with telescopes. Even if you don't bring equipment, your knowledge and helpful mentoring would be very appreciated. If you have not been to a school star party, you will be amazed at the kids, the parents, and the teachers' enthusiasm. When its time to pack up, you will feel it was well worth the effort.

Here is the information about the upcoming Star Parties!  Please sign up for the outreach email list by sending an email to the Outreach Coordinator. All of our outreach events are on our Event Calendar so please log on to your Night Sky Network account to view these events.

Looking for something fun to do on a Thursday and Friday nights (or Tuesday or Wednesday or Saturday), join fellow members at one of the schools and and show all the enthusiastic kids, parents, and teachers the night sky. They always appreciate it. And if you get WOW's when they look through your scope, you'll feel good. No scope?  Come out anyway and help up set up or answer questions from the kids. So, Outreach volunteers, let's pitch in. I'm sure the kids and adults will appreciate our effort!

Please also check out our Public Star Parties.

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