GO.SkylineLAAS maintains an active calendar of Public Star Parties in front of Griffith Observatory. The dates for the star parties for this year can be found on the Griffith Observatory web site.  We do this on average, once a month, and add additional activities, whenever special events occur. We arrange the regular calendar a year in advance with the observatory staff, and respond to unplanned surprises as we can. During recent Mars Opposition, over 50,000 people were counted over roughly 4-month viewing window at LAAS organized star parties. And the LAAS provided telescopes and Volunteer for each of the viewing events. All of our members are encouraged to take part in the opportunity to introduce the public to the sky at our public star parties.star_party_3



Information for LAAS Members (not the General Public)

Before 6:00pm, show your LAAS badge or card to the traffic control person at the fork at the top of Vermont road just before you reach the tunnel. You will be allowed to drive up East Observatory Ave. After 6:00pm, no one is allowed to drive up East Observatory Ave, and you'll need to drive through the tunnel, up West Observatory Ave., and through the public parking lot to the traffic control person at the end of the lot. Show the person there your badge and they should let you through. Once at the U curve in front of the Observatory, temporarily park your car on the side nearest to the observatory and unload your equipment. Mary Brown will be available with a cart to facilitate moving your equipment. Unload your equipment at the spot where you wish to set up.  Mary will oversee your equipment while you park along East Observatory Rd.  Then set up your equipment.  Volunteers without equipment are also needed. We especially need help with crowd control with the LAAS 26-inch telescope.  Those who volunteer should remember that the main focus is to be of service to the patrons at Griffith Observatory and show them the nighttime sky.  New Members are not expected to adhere to this policy.  Please check the LAAS website and Yahoo group messages for changes and updates in any LAAS event.  To be trained in moving, setting up, and preparing the 26-inch, please attend one of the Griffith public star party events. We normally start setting it up around one hour before sunset, weather permitting. We would like as many members as possible to be trained and comfortable handling the telescope.


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